Code Plumber

Seattle, WA, USA

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Technical Skills

Operating Systems: Linux, macOS

Programing Languages: Python (competent to expert), Ruby, Java, Shell, C (rusty!)

Software Lifecycle: Git, AWS internal tools, Github, CodeDeploy

Cloud Services: AWS1, Docker

Tools: Emacs, Git, my tools category here

Personal Achievements and Hobbies

Volunteer open source contributor

IT area head for Chicon 8 (the 2022 World Science Fiction convention)

Completed the Seattle to Portland ride in 2017


2008: Bachelor of Science (Computer Science)

University of Alberta

Past Employment

Sept 2022 - Present: DAG vendor


Staff Software Engineer, Deployment

  • There would be more bullet points here, but give me time, I'm new!

May 2011 - Aug 2022: All kinds of Cloud Things

**Amazon Web Services

Senior Software Engineer. Expertise in build systems, Python, deployment safety.

  • Author and maintainer of build systems, CI/CD services, deployment systems, and software quality enforcement.
  • Primary global point of contact and evangelist for python’s use as a development language within Amazon.
  • Designed the interpreter dependency model used by Python, Ruby, NodeJS, and Java developers at Amazon. This allowed a rapid response to newly-discovered vulnerability reports by all of Amazon.
  • Part of the cross-AWS incident call leader rotation. Notable recent incidents include the response to Log4Shell.
  • Curator of Amazon's first party codebase2.
  • 3 issued patents for network configuration management.
    • US 9992064 B1 - Network Device Configuration Deployment Pipeline
    • US 9893940 B1 - Topologically Aware Network Device Configuration
    • US 9419856 B1 - Network Device Configuration Deployment Pipeline

June 2009 - May 2011 - Web Applications and Deployment Automation


  • Automated deployment for web applications, marketing surveys, and telephony applications.
  • ActionScript/Flex/PHP web application development3.
  • System automation with Python/Fabric.

2005 - June 2009 - Intern and FTE Banking and Messaging Software


  • Migration from CVS to SVN4.
  • Maintain and extend a nightly autobuild system.
  • Coded and maintained J2EE and legacy C services for B2B messaging systems.

Contact Me

Feel free to email me or reach out to me on Signal.

  1. I certainly hope so!
  2. This one is sort of hard to explain without a tonne of Amazon-specific context. Suffice to say we have a very large codebase with a complex history, and ensuring that all of the code in use meets a high bar for security and availability is its own special job.
  3. It was both better and worse than you'd think!
  4. I know, right?! I was so young...