It's quite a sight, the spew of boxes collected into three large stacks and two small ones. An entire life... scratch that, _two_ entire lives piled up and ready to uproot.

Char and I are entering into the second most significant collective choice we'll ever make; it comes a reasonably distant second to having a child, but it's still a link between us that we are never likely to sever. It commits us to the financial side of the relationship in a way that -- in the all-too-human myopia that comes with large changes -- seems to overshadow the real basis for the relationship for a time.

A short time, mind you.

I'm really looking forward to this. It's been stressful, it's been draining, but we get our keys today (I just talked to the lawyer, the money's on it's way to Bob now) and tonight, we move the first of the bits of our lives into the house.

All I can say is, "poor cats!" They're terrified.


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