I'm increasing feeling comfortable with the nature of my job here, which is fantastic. We have such a complex problem domain, with so many teams in play, that it's a full time job (and more!) just to manage that organizational problem.

All of which means that the tools I get to use are light years beyond the tinkertoy deployment and version management tools I've worked with in my own professional history as well as in my personal work. The learning curve for these has been ... steep. I've been doing nothing but try to figure out how all of the pieces -- or, at least, all of the pieces I need to work with -- fit together. Nothing I can talk about on this public site, of course; it's all internal information.

But, I'm getting to the point where a decent fraction of my time is now spent doing my job , which is developing my team's product and designing the next iteration. It's a lot more satisfying than figuring out how to do the plumbing work that underlies it.

I'm getting there. It's a hell of a trip.


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