*Takes a breath*

Okay, well, that was fun.

It turns out that we had a lot of stuff. Who knew? I mean, we knew we were going to have to pare down a bit, but the degree to which it happened surprised me some. In the last week we've shipped out 2 dressers, a stereo, an end table, some old baby toys, and six bookcases.

Yep, six bookcases. In a case of amazing coincidence, just as mayttvw was tweeting about this, I was cataloguing and boxing 2/3 of our book collection for eventual resale. Char and I are converting to digital, slowly but surely, and this was a necessary step. I've kept the best parts, in my opinion, and packed up for sale a lot of chaff. However, it's still hard; I've loved the written word for as long as I can remember, and the physical fact of The Book is a difficult one to let go of.

Honestly, I'm going to miss most the times that Amy and I wandered each others' bookcases getting ideas; I'm missing that anyway because of where I am, but it's all the more poignant to know that even if she was here it'd be harder, if not outright impossible.


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