How much can people be convinced to tolerate for the sake of traveling? I'm thinking of the frothy mixture of security theatre and customer service atrocity that comprises the experience of getting from point A to point B now... And more interesting, what will happen when we as a species (or as a culture -- the distinction is fast becoming moot in my judgement) grow so dependent on our devices and connectivity that to enclose ourselves in the near faraday-cage of a plane will be like being struck blind?

What will happen, of course, is that the appeal of "over there" will be hyped; wherever you are, there you aren't. Live in Seattle? Well, then, why not go to New York or LA; see the cultural engine of cinema, otherwise you're missing out! Live in Manhattan? Try the central states for a calm getaway from the rat race, otherwise you're missing out! How about Wisconsin? The coasts are where it's at... otherwise you're missing out!

To have is to want. Something.


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