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Snoqualmie Tunnel

I took my bike up into the mountains for the first time since moving to Seattle, which is honestly a tragedy. It's gorgeous up there!

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Ten Years

Ten years ago today I got on a plane in Edmonton with my bike, two suitcases, a huge pile of immigration paperwork, and a cat.

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The Factory is In

C and I have landed in our new place. It's an older place in an older neighborhood, and holy shit do we have lots of stuff. It's especially obvious when it's all packed into a house that's a bit smaller than we started with.

So, the layout is sweet, in …

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I think -- and I'll know by the time many of you read this -- that we may have found a home, at least for now. It's a compromise (we'll have to store the dining room set, which makes me ... sad) but I think it's a good one.

The neighbourhood is awesome …

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An Expedition up the Amazon

About three months ago, I was contacted by a recruiter for Amazon. Yes, that Amazon. The big kahuna. One of the titans of the tech industry. Some emails flew back and forth, some phone interviews occurred, and one in-person interview as well, and shortly after PyCon US 2011 (which was …

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