So, what's new?

Wow... where to start...

Okay, so first up: We sold the house! Char and Matthew went up to Edmonton over the last week, and handled the final sale of our house to, well, honestly I have no idea! Some folks from out east, anyway. It cost us more than I wanted, but less that I was braced for. So, that's ... okay. It means that we're out from under the threat of mortgage + rent payments, and leaves us in a good position to truly live in Seattle.

Second up: Char and I went out for our first night on the town last night; we left Matthew with a babysitter and took off with a co-worker of mine and his newly-MD-bearing fiancée to have some Thai food (Thanks, Jeannie, Ian, Johanna, and Colin!) and some beers in a very hip bar in Capital Hill (a neighbourhood west of downtown Seattle). A good time was had by all, or so I assume. A good time was had by us, anyway ;)

Next Friday we are having all of our possessions dumped unceremoniously in our new home. I've written a bit about it but maybe it's easier if I provide some locational context:

lost to the sands of time

It's a lovely place; smaller than we're coming from, but we've learned to purge already, and I can't see any reason for us to stop doing so now that we've moved. The big concession -- and I hate to do it -- is that I'll probably do a book purge. Some Seattle second-hand bookstores are going to get a bolus of nerdy literature in the near future, I think. I'll probably filter for books that I can replace digitally.

A later post may talk about work. Or maybe not.


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