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Ten Years

Ten years ago today I got on a plane in Edmonton with my bike, two suitcases, a huge pile of immigration paperwork, and a cat.

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Tick, Tock

So, what's new?

Wow... where to start...

Okay, so first up: We sold the house! Char and Matthew went up to Edmonton over the last week, and handled the final sale of our house to, well, honestly I have no idea! Some folks from out east, anyway. It cost us …

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I think -- and I'll know by the time many of you read this -- that we may have found a home, at least for now. It's a compromise (we'll have to store the dining room set, which makes me ... sad) but I think it's a good one.

The neighbourhood is awesome …

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Like Flynn

And we're in.

It's a pretty flash place.

So, thanks to a great many friends -- of whom only two have a web presence, and therefore get a web shoutouts -- the move went off as close as can be to the ideal "without a hitch" experience.

I would like to formally …

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