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Snoqualmie Tunnel

I took my bike up into the mountains for the first time since moving to Seattle, which is honestly a tragedy. It's gorgeous up there!

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The last day of my 43rd year was...

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Looking back at the decade that was... it's been a ride. I got married. Emigrated to another country. Took a terrifying job that continues to excite me

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Fandom turns out to be pretty nifty

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Character Reference

I am about to start playing D&D again as a player for the first time in years. Well, not D&D specifically, so much as Pathfinder. It's a bit jarring -- having run a 4E campaign for a while -- going back to the Vancian magic system that characterized D&D …

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How to raise a good kid, volume 1


You can't see it, but his mother has an xbox controller in her hands.

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I want to see mountains...

Char and I just spent the weekend in Jasper, one of the few vacations we've taken both in north america and on short notice.

It was really, really nice.

We didn't really do a lot; lounged around the hotel, lazed in the pool, walked a bit. Maligne Canyon is freakin' …

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Like Flynn

And we're in.

It's a pretty flash place.

So, thanks to a great many friends -- of whom only two have a web presence, and therefore get a web shoutouts -- the move went off as close as can be to the ideal "without a hitch" experience.

I would like to formally …

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Home at last

It's quite a sight, the spew of boxes collected into three large stacks and two small ones. An entire life... scratch that, _two_ entire lives piled up and ready to uproot.

Char and I are entering into the second most significant collective choice we'll ever make; it comes a reasonably …

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